The Mayan Part 1 #8

We spent a long time discussing what Mrs. D. should look like. In the end, we thought the most evil representation we could possibly come up with was a June Cleaver-esque look. Pearls, A-line skirt, perfect hair and make-up, dinner is there on the table when you get home, your pipe and slippers by fire, beside your favorite chair. Seriously, how many women have tried to live up to that impossible ideal? ….and failed!

That level of subtle evil is simply magnificent!

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  1. Draconis

    I think she reminds me more of the Cat lady from the Harry Potter series….I hated that woman.

  2. KeltanaOwisp

    My first thought was OMG they did Rosemary! … from Rosemary’s baby… but the 1950’s thing is so under the radar evil, i kinda like it… still funny f her name was rosemary though >.> … just saying *runs*

  3. Bismarck

    THAT is the most twisted, evil, mad, akljfalksdjf thing I have ever seen!

    Keep it up :)

  4. Baughbe

    That’s why I’ve never been able to find the right woman for me. She’s married to Mr D.

  5. jjmblue7

    Gotta love how MR. D gets the loving, supportive wife! 😀

  6. jjmblue7

    Oh, and I’m not dead, just don’t have my own computer available right now. :/

  7. Dannysmartful

    I didn’t say this earlier, but I really like the new Luci Phurr banner at the top of your site. 😀

  8. Court

    @ jjmblue7: So glad you’re not dead. To be honest, death never even crossed my mind. Kidnapping, Magic-trick-gone-wrong, and Mono (Mononucleosis), did cross my mind as possibilities. But not Death. Glad that it’s none of the above.

    @ Dannysmartful: Happy you like the banner. It seemed silly to have Tracy handling the art chores, and to not headline.

  9. Ragedoll

    Is it wrong that I love her? Haha

  10. MagicalMadge

    I. Love. Her.

    @Ragedoll No it is not wrong at all. :)

  11. Wolfen

    I like D’s wife, she seems cool.

  12. Elfguy

    So Mr. G is henpecked, while Mr. D gets a supportive, caring spouse.

    Gotta love Irony!

  13. Golux

    Oh, totally sweet! Love the set up. Now to get them playing bridge after dinner…

  14. Sicarius

    *grins* …brilliant…

  15. Dannysmartful

    “park in his reserved spot” I feel a bad pun joke in Tow. (LOL)

  16. Eeep!

    Why do I get the feeling that Mrs. D is **more** evil than the big D himself?

  17. kstormgemini

    @Eeep! Well if ya go by the bible, women are supposedly Naturally more evil than men going back to Eve making Adam get his serving of forbidden fruit for the rest of eternity. So it stands to reason that the ‘one true love’ of Mr.D would be far more satanic than he is. We’re just natural born leaders I guess. [evil grin]

    Is it just me or does she kinda resemble Laura Bush justa bit? [hates to ask since I Liked GW Junior but know two thirds of the populous hated/hates him]

  18. Comichero

    lol i love mrs D

  19. MaDaZi

    She IS in hell for a REASON

  20. neroangelus

    Is that Lillith?