The Mayan Part 1 #11

Salt in the O.J.

Evil 101.

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  1. Elfguy

    See, this is why omnipotence and omniscience aren’t the same. Come on…he didn’t KNOW about the old Salt in the Orange Juice trick?

  2. Dale

    Of course, it could be like “Highlander,” and this diner is a mutually secured location where neither is allowed to use their powers. This makes sense since being this close AND being able to go for the full arsenal would be devastating. And the prank requires no powers.

    Might be worth pondering, next time you find yourself in a Waffle House at 3am sitting at a booth near two guys who clearly do not get along but also obviously have some common business to resolve.


  3. Elihion

    Mr G: Fine, fine.. I gave you the first hit… turned the other cheek, ‘n all that… Here, you’ll be needing these… *hands over ice-skates*… Hope you brought thermals…

  4. Baughbe

    That’s a good one Mr. D. Now have you ever tried Chocolate Exlax sprinkles on ice cream? That really gets your opponent moving!

  5. Ragedoll

    Mutually secure location hey… well I suppose that could make sense.Can I know where this is?

  6. Palmetto

    The problem with omniscience is sorting the immediately useful (salt in the OJ, again) from the rest of the junk clogging the old brain paths (lyrics to most dance music).

  7. EmberWest

    I called it!

  8. Dale

    @Ragedoll – Just between you and me, I was totally making it up. Court told me I couldn’t engage in the whole Omniscient vs. Omnipotent thing again.

    Y’know, that thing where if you ARE everywhere every when, it stands to reason you know everything because you saw it…. unless you were everywhere and every when, but sometimes looked the wrong way when you arrived…. though technically, you were also two feet over at the same time, presumably looking the other way so you WOULD have seen whatever it was…. unless you blinked…. or sneezed (‘cos you have to close your eyes when you sneeze)…. but then in theory the OTHER other you, SIX feet over (because the OTHER other OTHER you is four feet over looking the same way as the first one…. in case you blinked or sneezed) was there to cover that.


    Did it again.

  9. Tara

    I’ll be honest, I thought he peed in the cup. xD;

    What? it’s yellow!

  10. MaDaZi

    Now then, where are their wives?

  11. neroangelus

    Satan FTW!