The Mayan Part 2 #10

Yeah… I’d be totally waiting outside as well.

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  1. Elfguy

    It’s like a Disney Princess teamed up with an evil muppet….

  2. Charlie Spencer

    Isobelle hasn’t had a stitch on before, but now she needs a wrap?


  3. eriendil

    Whoa! I thought the devil and his/her minions were the ones doing the torturing!

  4. Ragedoll

    I bet her deep tissue massages would be excellent. Just like puddy afterwards

  5. Wizard

    @Charlie Spencer – Donald Duck normally runs around with no pants, but if he goes to the beach, he puts on swim trunks. Cartoon modesty is sort of like cartoon physics: trying to make sense of it will only give you a headache.

  6. Tracy

    @Elfguy – your comment made me laugh so hard. That’s exactly what I go for when I draw these two.

    @Charlie Spencer & Wizard – the same occurred to me in the middle of drawing Addy. Then I remembered all the times a normally naked Looney Tunes character comes out of the shower in a towel and ran with it. 😀

  7. WizzardRabbit

    Opposites attract I guess? By the end of this it’ll be lessons learned galore… Or not. ;D

  8. RocketTurtle

    So… Umm.. is there any chance of there being an Addy plushie in the store? >.>

    So… cute…

  9. Geek

    Just when I was about to drop this comic, something like this happens 😀
    *gets more popcorn*

  10. Baughbe

    I believe it’s called situational dressing.

    oh and by the way….. POLO!

  11. Mokiefraggle

    @Elfguy: And that’s a bad thing? :3 Disney Princess meets Evil Muppet–there needs to be more of this, imo!