Myths and Legends #1

Meanwhile, back with Luci and the Imps….

Just because they’re blissfully unaware of the impending danger and doom presented by THE MAYAN, don’t think they won’t be getting into trouble all by themselves.

And I’ll save you all the time of typing.

What fourth wall?

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  1. Elfguy

    4th wall? What 4th wall?

  2. jjmblue7

    Me brain no rotting.

  3. Brant

    I choose laughter.

    No no no not that kind.

    This kind.


    Nuf’ Said?

  4. Marvelous TK

    … Hi there.

    … Guess I should put some pants on.

  5. Comichero

    you technicallly e only see one wall at any given time? but really you should think of the 4 th wall as more of a two way mirror most of the time you cant see what is happening on the other side and the guy here have pressed teir face up to that miror and some one turned on a light in our vieing room so they can see us quite clearly

  6. Gina

    I love the looks on their faces as they look back at us! However, I choose not to heed their warning and continue reading.

  7. Baughbe


  8. Ozimul

    Hey! My brain is just fine. DX

  9. Guy

    Comic’s rot brains? Sounds interesting, but I somehow doubt it, in fact not even tabloids do, so what are the chances for anything else to do so?

  10. tbehartoo

    Obviously you can’t take anything the imps have to say on the subject as true. They want to keep all the comic-y goodness to themselves!

  11. jjc

    I felt very unnerved with the way they were just looking at us.

  12. neroangelus

    Comics may rot the mind but they are by no means as bad as reality television. Anything a comic does is no where near as bad as the emotional and physical pains and scarring a show starring a kardashian could cause.

  13. J.P.

    Not that’s Fox News. Also,the irony levels! They’re off the charts! XD

  14. Piggichoo

    …Eyes… hpynotizing …. stop … it…