Myths and Legends #8

Well, New Jersey has to be good for something.

Something other than dumping the bodies of goombahs who annoyed the Don.

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  1. Ragedoll

    I don’t like tears mad

  2. EmberWest

    …You guys win at life for the Mario referance…

  3. Karyl

    if you’ve never read anything by Manley Wade Wellman, I suggest you do–you’ll find some new demons/ monsters to reveal!

  4. MagicalMadge

    I knew it!

    And yes, the Pine Barrens are a great place for being alone….and dumping bodies. :3

  5. Sicarius

    …I now want an angry Tears plushie! ^^

  6. eriendil

    Where does this kid dig up all these evil monsters from? Surely theres some good in the world somewhere.

  7. chaotik74

    actually, i’m just getting a little tired of the imps claiming the credit for EVERYTHING. Yeah yeah, it’s a humor comic…but the joke’s getting old. Of course, it’s not like anyone form hell has ever LIED before, i’m sure.

  8. Dale


    Just for you.


  9. jjc

    Jersey Devil=Tears
    Mongolian Death Worm=imp snack

  10. neroangelus

    Tears has proven his sissyness even further.Men don’t cry in the woods they cry in the company of other men and share their feelings with one another, it’s the manliest thing to do.
    Beesides watching my little pony friendship is magic of course.

  11. Piggichoo

    I understand completely Tears. I recently climbing into my treehouse, and cried beause my dog died. My brother got freaked out …