Myths and Legends #11

At least he doesn’t look like one of those Troll Collectable Figure things…. with the neon hair and the “I was dropped on my head as a baby” smile.

Actually, that would probably be scarier.

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  1. Baughbe

    Even scarier still is that he has internet access….

  2. Geek

    Who else is expecting the troll to answer an iPhone? XD

  3. Ragedoll

    Please tell me the troll is going to show Luci Up? hha

  4. Dale

    This would explain some of the recent comments.

    Tarquin might have wifi out there!

  5. Trion

    Who else is expecting that to just be his tail or nose or something? Anyone? Is it just me? Ok then.

  6. DwarvenThrush

    I can not help but notice that they did not pop close to the troll. In fact, the appear very, very far away. Now, that could be due to a desire not to bother the troll…or that could be due to a desire not to feed the troll. I’m thinking there is more here than meets Luci’s eyes.

  7. DwarvenThrush

    they* appear very, very far away lol. 1:10 a.m. is not a good time to post.