The Boys In Brazil #1

And, don’t forget to check out, Court Gets Sketchy



I have ONE birthday and leave this one comment to Court and look what we get.  Not even a picture link to his latest sketchy thingy.

And obviously a witty comment woulda been too much to ask as well.

I don’t know…. if it weren’t for me, his life would be so much quieter and less stressful!



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  1. Baughbe

    The best place for contacts is the little back alley bars with no sign and a goon at the door.

  2. Ragedoll

    hahah, you know court. Addy reminds me of a certain Dangerdoll…. hehe

  3. Mateus

    Here? In Brazil? Poor little mystic and overpowered creatures, they will be robbed or die in a matter of panels. Brazil is not a good place to stroll around…

  4. PrettyPartyPony

    You know, my intuition tells me that the demon girl might finally have the advantage in this place. Her network just sounds plausible in context.

  5. Court

    @Ragedoll: So you know my PAIN….hehehe

  6. Geek

    That impette is so cool <3

  7. Ragedoll

    @Court, nice one!