The Boys In Brazil #2

Looks like Addy’s research is somewhat less effective.

Though possibly more fun.

And just in case… Don’t drink like Addy does, kids. ┬áIt’s not big and it’s not clever.

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Discussion (4) ¬

  1. Baughbe

    Oooo, she’s gonna feel that in the morning.
    btw, great job on the reflection in the bar-top!

  2. Ragedoll

    lol Addy is going to open another whole bag of worms here soon. Angels only have so much patience haha

  3. RocketTurtle

    I’m waiting for Addy to realize that she’s going to have to explain this to Mrs. D.

    Laser beam eyes, natch.

  4. Chameon

    Patience isn’t actually an official virtue. Temperance, Justice, Prudence, and Courage are. Meaning this might not end so well.