The Boys In Brazil #3

In fairness… Dale is TOTALLY like that EVERY morning.

Even when he is NOT hungover.

It isn’t pretty.

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  1. Elfguy

    Disney princess: 0 Evil Muppet: 1

  2. Schrödingers Katze

    Karma is a Bitch Baby. XD

  3. eriendil

    The downside of gettin’ drunk. Wait’ll the boss finds out what Addie’s doing with her gold card.

  4. Zarvain

    Always a good way yo start the day, a cheerful “good morning” followed by a pillow or other random bed item tossed hard enough at said person to knock them on their–I said to toss a pillow, not them; o nevermind I forgot for a second which team we were talking about.
    Yeah ok, so again sounds about right, cheerleader take notes: no morning wishes, good or otherwise, before coffee is consumed.
    Or at least learn to dodge and weave while saying it.

  5. Baughbe

    So right Zarvain, first serve coffee, THEN be cheerful. Coffee, that magical brew that keeps so many people around me from early permanent retirement.

  6. Ragedoll

    haha that looks like it was a nice trip :)

  7. Lazarae

    Addy, are you me? I am so not a morning person, hung over or not. Forget serving coffee, don’t get within 5 feet of me. Just make sure it’s made before I wake up and wait until I’ve zombie-shuffled over to it before approaching.

    Also, “Good morning” is a LIE and will only serve to make me more ornery. “Good to see your awake” works, as do most other standard greetings, but “good morning” will only result in me pointing the Death Glare lasers at you until you explode.

    I would assume the same procedure works well for imps, too.

  8. Court

    @Lazarae: Addy is also Dale. A good morning to him, is no morning…as he could care less who catches the worm. That said, a “good afternoon” to you Lazarae!

  9. Dale

    I was recently surprised to discover there are two 11 o’clocks in a day.

  10. Chris K

    Looks like the next morning was not kind to either of them.

  11. Geek

    I think I’m in love with that impette <3

  12. Will B

    Perky chick got off light. Good morning my tired tucous. No coffee, no bloody way.

  13. D.Durand

    Wow, what level in morning grumpiness is that ? !

  14. J.P.

    ROFL To be fair,I’m like that when I first wake up.