The Boys In Brazil #5

This is not gonna be easy.

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  1. Jordan

    i’m kinda lost. Why are there mayans in the city? And why are they trying to kill the 9?

  2. fox1303

    ” You Bastards!” It’s only fitting ;D

  3. mikecoatl

    In case anyone is wondering who the Twins are, this might give you a clue:

  4. Ember West

    Addy WOULD use that reference. are all the imps South Park fans?

  5. Dale

    @mikecoatl – Nicely done. šŸ˜€

  6. Malverne

    Yay! I was hoping that piano would fall

  7. Eeep!

    “…And as I was losing consciousness… I let go the bloody rope.”

  8. Baughbe

    I can name that tune in one crash! Beleive Me, If all those endearing young charms! What do I win?

  9. Sicarius

    …and that, m’dears is why no one should ever underestimate cute things…

  10. Elfguy

    Now Malverne, you know the law of Conservation of Cartoon Gags (Not to mention Checkov’s Gun) demanded it!

  11. Dale

    I’m a big fan of Chekhov’s Gun.

    I like it a lot more than Sulu’s ƉpĆ©e.

  12. Kiriel

    Nice one~ šŸ˜€ BTW this is strip 460.

  13. Court

    @Kiriel: I had no idea! Dale and I may have to do something special for strip # 500.