The Boys In Brazil #9


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  1. Plaid Wolf

    Another Chuck Jones line…from Bugs Bunny….the homages to the Master ….awesome!..

  2. Geek

    Go get ’em, Sweetie! <3

  3. RocketTurtle

    The angel sheltered the demon from blast? That particular angel should probably read the employee handbook.

  4. Baughbe

    Somebody pass the popcorn please.

  5. Jaigen

    Noooooo! Not the shades!!!! Got get ’em Addy!
    Love her war face, btw. 😀

  6. Elfguy

    well the only one that’s confirmed to be at least partly mortal is the angel (we’ve seen angels have to get their bodies replaced) So this could be a whole lot of senseless cartoony violence (Hey, if you were immortal, and so was your enemy, wouldn’t eternity more or less boil down to something a lot like a Chuck Jones cartoon?)

  7. Ragedoll

    That is an epic I’m going to kill you look!

  8. eriendil

    I don’t think this is gonna be an ad campaign!

  9. Sicarius

    *cackles* Let the games begin! ^^

  10. Lazarae

    And THIS is why you don’t mess with not-morning-people until they’ve at least started on their second pot of coffee.

  11. Elfguy

    And they trashed her sunglasses. That’s the last straw!

  12. Wolfen

    Wow, this certainly gives new meaning to the term “getting bombed because of a hangover”. Demon + hungover + pissed off = NOT GOOD!