The Boys In Brazil #12

Looks like Addy went for some extra credit.

And I love that last panel so much I wanted to make sure you saw it in all its unholy Team D-iness.

That, and Tracy was worried it would ensure she went to Hell for drawing it, and I don’t wanna be there alone.

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  1. davids4250

    If they can POOWF! from place to place, why do they have to take a plane?

  2. Phoenix

    Why so serious?

  3. jjmblue7

    @David: Maybe some are POOWF!/FWOOP! challenged?

    @Court: See you there! Now, I just have to decide what to wear for the party down there. It’ll be warm, so I’m on the fence between Hawaiian shirt and shorts or coconut bra and grass skirt…

  4. Schrödingers Katze

    “Why so serious?”
    First thing shooting to my mind.^^

  5. Baughbe

    “If they can POOWF! from place to place, why do they have to take a plane?”
    1) Limited available engery- longer distances mean less energy on hand when confronting the objects of their quest. Wasn’t an issue with the imps taking Luci around as they weren’t expecting to go against heavy hitters when they arrived.
    2) Part of the whole disquise thing. If your opponant can sense you POOWFing in, then you lose the element of surprise. Not to mention calcium.
    3) Why so serious?

  6. Dannysmartful

    It could have been much worse… 😀

  7. Dale

    @davids – Mrs. D’s gold card.

  8. Zarvain

    @davids For much the same reason many of us will do many number of things:
    “Because we can.”

  9. Wolfwalker527

    Wow! Addy is besties with the Joker.

  10. zangetsu675

    they turned jesus into a jugeloo!!!!! LMFAO!!!!!