Meet the Neighbors #3

Well there’s something you don’t see everyday.

Well, OK, you guys get to see it every Monday, Wednesday and Friday…. but the Good Reverend…. not so much.

And you KNOW this is gonna cause some sphincter tightening…. or loosening.

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  1. Emily

    Is it the imps that he’s upset about… or the dolls? 😀

  2. Marvelous TK

    Jeez. Playing with ponies isn’t THAT bad, man. Come on.

  3. Ash

    Is Pain trying to eat Fluttershy!? *gasp* *faint*

  4. Eeep!

    I think Emily’s question is a valid one! Or is it that dear old dad can’t handle the fact that his son isn’t worried about catching “girl cooties?”

  5. Dannysmartful

    At least it’s not a long distance phone bill… @_@

  6. Baughbe

    Having grown up in the bible belt, I’d have to say it’s a close race between which is worse for the Reverend. Son playing it Imps, or Son playing with dolls? Wait, he’s doing both, isn’t he?

  7. Ozimul

    “Stop playing with ponies!…. Also the imps!”
    “But dad, I like ponies and imps!”

  8. Moth

    x3 So I’m not the only one who thought of that. *high fives Emily*

    Also, /sob NO FLUTTERSHYYY ;A;

  9. Moth

    Agh, I keep forgetting to mention this sorry for the double-post.

    I’m quite impressed by the more recent strips. It seems that you’re toning it down on the copy-pasting of panels. I still see it, but it’s a lot more subtle and a lot less frequent. So good job :)

  10. jjmblue7

    So I guess this answers my question on the previous strip: Toys are delicious!

  11. Comichero

    oh that face is priceless

  12. Wizard

    I seem to recall that people generally can’t see the imps’ true forms, so I can’t help but wonder just what the good Rev is seeing here…

  13. Golux

    Oh, dear Lord, my son’s an Ecumenical Girly-Boy who likes Pink Ponies and consorts with people who don’t think like I think…

    It’s probably a mixture of all the above given our local Evangelical Moiga-Choich rantings…