Meet the Neighbors #4

There goes that Fourth Wall again.

We really need to find a better General Contractor to work on these things.

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  1. Elfguy

    Ah, the 4th wall dies another painful death…

  2. DktrAgonizer

    I’m of the belief that the Fourth Wall never really existed in the first place.

  3. AstroTurtle

    You know.. Does anyone else think that hairstyle kind of makes him look like old, fat Elvis?


    5 obols says that Pain is responsible for all the Elvis sightings.

  4. Baughbe

    General Contractor has been recalled to headquarters. Meanwhile Major Mayhem is in charge.

  5. Elfguy

    Well at least Private Property is still around…

  6. Ember West

    Why fix the fourth wall? The Imps will just break it again…

  7. Ozimul

    …. oh, hi Imps! *waves*

  8. jjmblue7

    Eliza Wall just needs to take a break every now and then.

  9. jjc

    i waved to them too.

  10. J.P.

    @Elfguy I’ll get the duct tape….

  11. Wolfwalker527

    ‘Ma, they’re staring at me again …’