Meet the Neighbors #7

This could bode ill for our devilish trio.

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  1. Ozimul

    Part of me is hoping that Mr. G will burst out laughing.

  2. Elfguy

    What? Those guys? A “Heavy Incursion?”

    Wasting my time on those three? Meh. I’ll send Junior to handle it.

  3. Schrödingers Katze

    Hooo boy i love Mr. G allthoug im more a Team D Player. >:3

  4. Craig Lotter

    “Me-dammit” <- had me laughing out aloud! :)

    (Pretty much like "better clench, legolas" had me guffawing out aloud in the cinema during Avengers this weekend!)

  5. Golux

    If a trio of imps is a heavy incursion… Crying wolf are we?

  6. Krahazik

    @Golux: No that’s not cry wolf as there really is a team D incursion going on. However he may be exaggerating a little while he panics.

  7. eriendil

    I’m with you guys, I the the big G should be more worried about the soul stealing mayan…