Meet the Neighbors #8

That is cold, man.  Real cold.

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  1. Ember West

    If I was God, I would probably do the same thing….except maybe with a huge cake that said “Good job messsing with Geddon” and a note saying the Imps should get a promotion.

  2. jjmblue7

    @Ember: To lesser demon, at least.

  3. Kyn

    I am religious, and I finally had to comment.

    This comic makes my day.

  4. Marvelous TK

    Oh, Mr. G. You may be the best character in the comic.

  5. Geek

    Did NOT see that one coming. LOL!

  6. Lazarae

    Sorry Geek, but I totally saw that one coming.

    The imps are about as threatening as a sack of kittens. (Not Mr. Butterpaws though, he’s a little terrifying.)

  7. Schrödingers Katze

    See kids? Be on the evil side and you will get Muffins. At least if you are in the upper managment. Or on the Boss-chair.

  8. Baughbe

    Well, makes sense as Mr. D is probably going to have to put up with the “Good Reverend” for the rest of eternity anyways. So a little compensation in advance.

  9. Charlie Spencer

    “But don’t tell him what it’s for; let him wonder.”

  10. Ember West

    Where IS Mr. Butterpaws?

  11. jonwaynew

    @Ember: Of the same mind. Mr. Butterpaws will go will with a muffin basket.

  12. Kent

    Ok … that was both Funny and Wrong.

    When God encourages Demons to mess with you, that’s a BAD sign for your Immortal Soul.

    Of course the fact that he probably knows the reputation of the Imps helps matters immensely.

  13. Moth

    xD Oh gosh. That was beautiful.

  14. Ozimul

    Mr. G needs new wallpaper… it’s peeling everywhere.

  15. Golux

    Yep, thought so… Mr. G finds the overwhelming invasion as funny as I do.

  16. Dannysmartful

    Yes, move along, nothing to see here. XD

  17. Eeep!

    That, right there, is some fan-fraggin-tastic funny shiznit!

  18. eriendil

    Mr. G should send some jelly or marmalade with the muffins, too. Laced with salt, to get back at him for the orange juice thing…..

  19. Dale

    @Kyn – That comment made my day. 😀

  20. Wizard

    Lazarae – Actually, Mr. Butterpaws reminds me a little of Boba Fett: we keep hearing about how bad he is, but all we’ve actually seen him do is get eaten.

  21. J.P.

    Ah,Geddon. You know you’re boned when Mr.G himself encourages demons to torment you. Also,a funny side note,when I typed in torment,it gave me Romney. Lol