Meet the Neighbors #11

Is it just me, or did it suddenly get REALLY chilly in here?.

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  1. Dannysmartful

    Lets sneak something into his coffee (heheheheheeheheh) laxative anyone?

  2. Plaid Wolf

    Somehow i think the last week’s worth of strips should be required reading for ministers and preachers who may be tempted to mess with Mr G for personal gain….

  3. Moth

    XD I love how his face goes like, “oshit” in the third panel.

  4. eriendil

    Hmmm. Better turn in your white collar, reverend!

  5. jonwaynew

    Vindictive God comes to mind at this point.

  6. jonwaynew

    @moth: I thought his face looked like that in all the panels

  7. Elfguy

    Mister G has found a new reality show to watch…

  8. J.P.

    Oh! Cold Snap!