Chillax With Ixchel #1

We’re back with THE MAYAN and he’s tracked down another member of THE NINE.

Of course, doesn’t look like he’s gonna get exactly what he expected.

I mean…. Zippy?


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  1. Baughbe

    Zippity-do-da, Zippity-yay, My oh my what a wonderful apocalypse…

    OK, so I won’t be quitting my day job today.

  2. Elfguy

    I always knew hippy communes were related to the end of the world somehow…

  3. Ember West

    Zippy, as in Zipacna? Isn’t he supposed to be a Caiman?

  4. Ember West

    Ignore the last question…he does look Caiman-y, the feathers just confused me.

  5. Moth

    😀 Ixchel~ Ixchel is great~

  6. Ozimul

    Oh, right, we have the apocalypse to deal with. I completely forgot. XD