Chillax With Ixchel #3

Can’t argue with her on that.

Also, while not a full-on Words With Dale, check out how our humble webcomic seems to have made it onto a blacklist.  Guess we’re doing something right!

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  1. mike

    omg, i think she is simply perfect, gorgeous and delightful! i might be in love.

  2. Marvelous TK

    … She just tied bath farts in to world happiness.

    Thereby making bath farts LAME and marking herself as a terrible character to be hated forever.

  3. Baughbe

    @Marvelous: Dude, you really need to learn to laugh at yourself. Comedy is serious business.

  4. Dannysmartful

    “What’s in a name…” (LOL)

  5. Elihion

    +1’d and sent to every person I know with a sense of humour.

    Panel 4 is pure win.


  6. Schrödingers Katze

    Uhum. Can not defy that logic.
    *stares more*

  7. Marvelous TK

    @Baughbe: … Huh. What is wrong with my sense of humor that I keep getting these comments? I always think comments like ‘This character ruined bath farts forever, I hate her’ are going to easily be ignored as a ridiculous man making nonsensical comments. Instead, everyone always takes me for being super-serious. I just don’t GET it. Is my delivery just too straight? I’d think maybe my supah-serious avatar helps, except it happens even without it. What is it about me that strikes people as so serious?

  8. Krahazik

    I half to agree, her logic works for me, and besides, who can argue with an beautiful woman standing before you completely exposed to the world and so full of bubbly joy.

  9. argentlupus

    It does beg the question thought…if the first one he met up with represented greed…what does she represent?

  10. Dale

    @Marvelous TK – I find adding a fart sound effect negates almost all instances of people mistaking my comment for a serious one.

    And it keeps things classy too.

  11. Startiger

    argentiupus, I think you are getting the seven deadly sins mixed up with the nine gods of the aztecs, but if I remember correctly they have like a bazillion gods, one of which is the god of bathtub farts.

  12. Twiggy

    Mayans! Does this mean more Addy and Isobell? Thank you!

  13. eriendil

    Well, it’s only a webcomic to be enjoyed and not taken seriously. The ‘bath fart’ thing caught us off guard, but I can think of far worse things to get agitated over. I just go with the flow and enjoy the storyline.

  14. Marvelous TK

    For the love of – are people still treating me like I was serious even after that mini-rant about how people are always taking me seriously and I don’t know why? … Gonna need a bigger fart sound effect.

  15. Becky

    Marvelous: They could be jerking your chain just to get a rise out of you. I don’t take you seriously. =D

    Ixchell is my hero.