Chillax With Ixchel #5

The Mayan does look like he standing a little gingerly.

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  1. Elfguy

    Penn and Teller did colonics on one of the episodes of their BS show on showtime. Turns out all a colonic does is flush out what woulda gotten voided on your next BM anywah.

  2. nicktwolf

    @Elfguy, yeah I remember seeing that one and could not believe people go through that. But if that’s how your willing to spend your birthday.

  3. Startiger

    Hey if Sunrise Peach-Blossom Bath-fart is the one giving it!!
    It might be worth doing. :)

  4. Elfguy

    “Happy birthday…now bend over and relax your sphincter…”

  5. Moth

    Hrm. For someone so nature-y, she certainly has smooth legs, and I don’t see a hint of pubic hair…

  6. Bacardii

    Moth – as a goddess (or a god), they can typically pick how they are viewed when walking on the mortal plane of existence, so it would be no big deal for her to have created herself in this image without body hair in those areas and therefore remove the need to worry about things being snagged in said body hair, or taking extra baths/showers to remove said body hair – unless she’s the type of goddess that enjoys a good honey waxing…