Chillax With Ixchel #8

There’s absolutely no prize for solving the riddle…. but we’ll be really impressed if someone comes up with the answer.

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  1. meowington

    depends how long it takes for someone to un-fossilize the beetle

  2. AstroTurtle

    How big is the barrel and is it from top to bottom or side to side? And brand of treacle?

  3. Elfguy

    Trick question: The Beetle will crawl around the barrel.

  4. PapaBear

    But obviously, the answer is 42!

  5. eriendil

    What the hell is Treacle?

  6. Chromium

    As long as it takes.

  7. Ro

    The answer is 42. And treacle is molasses.

  8. Alannah


  9. Ie Yamof Ool

    Treacle is a sugar based syrup.

    If it’s 6 miles of wool, that’d be 11 days.

  10. Wivernryder

    It takes exactly one cardboard box.

  11. Moth

    The beetle will drown, I would think.

  12. Melkior

    I agree with Moth, the beetle will drown in the treacle. The question was “crawl” and not “swim” so therefore the beetle will be under the treacle, not on its surface.

    But presuming the beetle could survive, beetles are tremedously strong for their size, like all insects.

    So crawling from one side to the other of a barrel of treacle would not take significantly longer than crawling across an empty barrel.

    There’s your answer. And it applies no matter what the size of the barrel is nor what route the beetle takes nor the particular species of beetle, so long as we presume that the presence or absence of treacle is the only variable :-)

  13. Kheda


  14. MGScott


  15. Swingwombat


  16. Jaigen

    The answer is “Have the baby.”

  17. Kitsune

    The meaning of Treacle:
    1. contrived or unrestrained sentimentality: a movie plot of the most shameless treacle.

    British .
    molasses, especially that which is drained from the vats used in sugar refining.

    Also called golden syrup. a mild mixture of molasses, corn syrup, etc., used in cooking or as a table syrup.

    Pharmacology Obsolete . any of various medicinal compounds, formerly used as antidotes for poison.

  18. Baughbe

    The answer is: As long as it takes three packs of gum to come to consensus on which set of knickers to were to the skate party.

  19. Eeep!

    @Swingwombat: Kudos on your perfectly valid answer to everything ever. 😀

    For those uninitiated in the Gospel according to Douglas, or who may want more concrete ideas… clearly the elephant and his sweater have been neglected above, a crucial detail. You see, what would actually happen is that the beetle would crawl into the sweater and bite the elephant on the ear, causing it to charge and trample the barrel of treacle, while the beetle crawled backwards along the yarn from the incompleted sweater. Depending on the running speed of the the elephant, I would estimate this would take about 2 seconds to clear the treacle/barrel mess.

  20. Jaigen

    You know… she only said he had to answer it, not that he had to get it right… 😛

  21. Charlie Spencer

    Depends on where the treacle was mined.

  22. Ayshela

    the obvious answer is, of course, two light years! 😉

  23. Elihion

    Oh gosh… that’s so simple!

    2 shillings and 6 pence.


  24. orionfury

    African or European?

  25. GinaZ

    2.3 weeks, depending on if you can get the bald eagle to wear hairspray, an awkward task at best.

  26. MGScott

    I love that there are so many hitchiker’s fans reading this comic.
    We all thought the same thing and got stuck in moderation.

  27. Pyra

    orionfury’s correct, scientifically speaking! It depends on the size of the beetle, and there are many kinds of beetles of widely varying sizes. If we assume the treacle barrel is the standard size of 32 gallons, and that your “normal” insect-sized beetle eats its own weight each day, then it should take about 225 years.
    That would be a European beetle species, anyway. For an African beetle species, which tends to be MUCH larger, it would take 2 days.

  28. Pyra

    That took a lot of math, btw.

  29. Chameon

    The question is gibberish. Duh, whoever is reading the comment knows it, it goes from one ball-field of nonsense to another in a heart beat. So, look at the phrasing. “I will come with you if you can answer one question.” Take the line TOO literally and any answer successfully gets you a new compatriot, but this lady is a very relaxed, unpredictable individual, so that’s doubtful on it being the answer. So, that leaves analyzing the question. Lots of people have made suggestions on what the correct answer will be, but given this is a highly relaxed, not analytical environment, the answer is probably “Long enough.”

  30. Felnoire

    The answer is obvious, sixty three hours, twenty seven minutes, and nine seconds. Assuming you carry the one of course, if not then answer is pie..treacle pie with a beetle in the middle.

  31. Machiavellian

    As long as it takes for six angels in bright red shoeshines to dance the waltz while singing the complete collection of Richard Wagners works without wanting to switch sides.

  32. Freke

    It’s a trick question, the beetle wont crawl through the tracle it’ll swim 😉

  33. Wolfen

    Guys, the answer is Twinkies!

  34. moonarchr

    @Charlie Spencer whoohoo Terry Pratchett ROCKS!!

  35. m-no

    Obviously this question has the same answer as a question my father used to ask me:
    “If a Bermish game hen can lay an egg and a half in a day and a half, how long will it a bull frog with a wooden leg to kick a hole through a dill pickle?”

    As far as I’m concerned? The answer has always been “No.” XD

  36. Vaul

    duh,the answer is purple monkey dishwasher

  37. J.P.

    42. But only if the elephant has genuine ivory tusks, and not fake plexiglass ones. XD

  38. Wolfwalker527

    With the quantum improbability drive, the answer is ‘a bowl of petunias’. 42 was the answer to the ‘other’ question. You know… The one she DIDN’T ask before she gave him the colonic.