Just Super #1

“Cowboy Asbesto’s XXX Hot Sauce,” available at the finest Gas Stations across the country.  Great for for adding a little pep to your meal…. or getting a reluctant pile charcoal to take a flame.  Probably best not chugged straight from the bottle.

I sense gastric problems in the near future.

And anyone who remembers the last time Pain suffered such an attack knows exactly what to expect.

The unexpected.

Wait…. can you actually do that?

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  1. Snowgods

    Nooo! Acid Flashbacks

  2. jjmblue7


  3. Baughbe

    Who need Mayans for a good apocalypse when we have Pain and Hot Sauce?

  4. Zarvain

    Did anyone get that space ship repaired yet? I sense from Pain an ELI oncoming…that or the crew will have an entire amuesment park to themselves, an the condtion the remember hazmat suits.

  5. Elfguy

    Oh dear…if Pain’s flatulence should intersect with a certain lizard-bird’s bad trip…

  6. TheSilentOne

    Here we go again…

  7. Baughbe

    It’s not the smell, it’s the burning of the skin that gets me.

  8. Ozimul

    Not another series of guest strips!!!
    (I’m kidding! Don’t hurt me!)

  9. Dale

    @Ozimul – Actually…. Meh…. you’ll find out on Wednesday.