Just Super #3

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  1. jjmblue7

    Wow, Tears went Full Manhattan.

  2. Squishy Productions

    Ouch, right in the forth wall.

  3. Schrödingers Katze

    My eyes! Do not want!!!
    *still laughing my behind off*

  4. Jess

    Yep, that’s some awkward power you’ve got there Tears…

  5. Moth

    Well. *ahem* At least we know for certain that Tears is male now?

  6. Snowgods

    it’s Quick change Boy!

  7. Ozimul


  8. Elfguy

    He’s invisible…but only when he’s naked, and if no one is looking…

  9. lefty891

    Congrats! You just won the “I spit beer out my nose” award!

  10. Court

    @lefty891: I’ll be accepting this award on behalf of writer, Dale Mettam. If he were here though, he most importantly would want to know what kind of beer was lost, via nostrils. Coors? Red Stripe? Belgium’s Rochefort 10? Denmark’s Simcoe? Miller? Michelob? Weihenstephaner Vitus? Other?

  11. MagicalMadge

    Love the Watchmen reference!!!! 😀 But I really didn’t need to see Little Tears.

  12. Lazarae

    Fourth wall? WHAT fourth wall?

  13. Alex

    There’s me thinking the fourth wall was destroyed a while back…

  14. Ragedoll

    haha awesome