Just Super #9

Of course, what our friendly ne’er-do-well doesn’t realize is the Imps will indeed unlock “his” safe for him…. then just as quickly lock him in “his” safe.

Because that’s the way they roll.

Also swing over to….

….where Dale is looking for your help.

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  1. Elihion

    But.. Locking him in the safe is doing EVIl..
    However, that means he’ll be captured and dealt with by the law.. which is doing GOOD….
    But.. Locking him in the safe is doing EVIl..
    *fizzle* *blerp*…
    BrainOS ™ has detected a logic loop and is shutting down to save your data….

  2. Baughbe

    “And I locked myself out of my limo and lost the keys….”

  3. Squishy Productions

    It could go both ways Elihion…. He could be caught by the police…. or he could suffocate to death…. I think there’s more possibility for evil here than good…. 😀

  4. Elihion

    Starting BrainOS V1.0… Error: Braincell not found. Unable to load file: Sanity_Check. Please press any key to retry.

  5. Ragedoll

    oh aren’t they just little helpful imps :)