So Sue Me #2

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Courtney Huddleston
ITriedToStopHim House
He’sReallyUncontrollable Street
TryWorkingWithHim City

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  1. Tonka

    A “Republican” senator? Really? So Democratic senators are what, fuzzy teddy bears? All parties are equally guilty in perpetuating the problems in our capital and engaging in sleaze. To single out one party like this is, in my opinioin, pretty low and borderline childish. I am really disappointed. It feels as though you have tainted what has been to this point an excellent comic.

  2. Dale

    Wait a minute…. are YOU a Republican Senator?

    If so, I sincerely apologize.



    A wild life reserve that might have oil under it!

    (OK, with that sparkly distraction set….. I’m not really sorry.)

    Seriously though, have you actually READ this strip? We have gags about farting, pooping, vomiting, salt in OJ, and THIS is what you find childish?

  3. Baughbe

    No Problem Dale. Some people just can’t stand to have thier glass houses looked at.

  4. Dale

    In my defense, I couldn’t really take a pot-shot at the Dems…. with a majority in both houses and the Presidency, they hardly lit the world ablaze with getting stuff done that anyone would find objectionable…. actually, getting much of anything done.

  5. DG Fletcher

    Republicans destroy the planet, Democrats don’t destroy… Don’t do… Well, pretty much anything. :) Republicans got picked ’cause they’re grumpy, aggressive snakes. Democrats are pretty kitties that do nothing and want you to feed them and pet them for eternity. Harder to make fun of in this context.

  6. Patrick

    Dale you are my hero and i love this comic

  7. Tonk

    The poop, fart, zombie Jesus jokes etc. are hilarious. I love them. The salt in the OJ is a classic! I’ve been reading this comic since (almost) day one. However, those jokes are also, so to speak, non-denominational. This one, for what ever reason, really tweaked me. Having a very partisan political joke in this comic just seemed so out of place based on the type of humor so far exhibited. Now if the punchline just referenced a senator or other politician (neither blue nor red), I could get down with the funny because it would be similar to the lawyer joke. And it still would have been funny. Bottom line, this joke really didn’t work for me. I’m sure others loved it. That said, I still really like the comic and look forward to more wacky hijinks.

  8. Dale

    @Patrick – Oh pish-posh. You’ll make me blush. 😀

    @Tonk – I’m glad you’re staying. Courtney and I have actually discussed at great length what all we should and shouldn’t poke fun at. We DID hit the Tea Party but as DG pointed out above, when you go political, there is some fruit that hangs lower than others. And this is really one off gag and not the line of this story arc.

  9. Ozimul

    Nah, he was just talking to the senators. XD

  10. Golux

    Had to listen to a bit of Obamasterbation today from a Republican who’s facing self-created fail, but thinks its all someone else’s fault. Between small reptilian creatures and obese slugs, both parties are well represented.

  11. dangerdoll

    No matter how you do the math :
    Sucky+Sucky = Sucky
    Sucky + OK = SUCKY
    So both parties blow ass chunks and no matter which one was chosen the joke is on us.

  12. Elfguy

    Well, Golux, we have a president who’s increased the national debt by several orders of magnitude, cooks the books to make more than 15% Unemployment show up as around 8% in the media, and still tries to blame it on the “last guy” after more than 3 years, and still doesn’t get the joke that Americans were “Hoping” to have a bit more than just “change” in their pockets by now.

  13. MothyArse

    Politics is stupid and exists only to be made fun of. Of course, that’s when it isn’t putting money in the pockets of the rich or starting wars in countries most Americans, up to that point, had only heard of a handful of times in their life.

    Democrat, Republican, Independent, Tea Party… They’re all just contestants in the popularity contest that is politics. Don’t get too upset when one of them is picked on. The others are being mocked just as much in some part of the internet or another.

  14. nab

    Okay, enough political comments. Can we just get back to the poop, fart, zombie Jesus jokes etc comments? Of yes, and lawyers, lawyers are always fair game.

  15. nightmarefuel

    your lack of familiarity with political species is showing….

    it could easily have been a congressman , or a more primitive form of democrat as well! 😀

  16. gearsofpwnz0r

    He’s obviously a democrat… If you’re republican just replace with the word democrat in the joke. This comic isn’t exactly nice to ANYONE in particular, so does it really matter? Honestly. You want to debate, do it on other websites. I just appreciate the joke. It made me laugh. I don’t agree with it, I’m a democrat but I don’t think that badly about republicans, I just think they can’t keep their extremists in check. But I still laugh at the joke. It’s funny.

  17. Critic

    think this would have been better if he had left of the ‘Republican Senator’ part and just went with Congressman. All this did was alienate those who support the GOP.

  18. Squishy Productions

    Eh who cares what the Repubs think. If they are ever offended, have a thought of their own, or have the urge to stop fearing women, minorities, and foreigners they can run to Fox for their daily dosage of “Stop thinking and fear, fear, FEAR!” Then they forget alllll about whatever it was that was bothering them. I’m convinced this is the reason why they can only remember things up to a week ago.

  19. D.Durand

    I’m French. For me, who don’t read press or watch TV anymore, Americans Democrats and Republicans have not so much differences. Just, Obama is not as funny than Bush Jr (and even less civilian than him, that’s saying).

  20. common cents

    I think we can say the same about Democratic senators. But seriously, why are we poking fun at parties? I mean, I’m okay with poop jokes, but I thought we were supposed to learn from racism and not be prejudiced. Are you to afraid to poke fun at both because Obama’s gonna get you? Well, sure, he might make a law against you ’cause he can do whatever he wants, right guys? What he says, goes. Because… why? I certainly can’t come up with an answer. Tell me why Democrats are better than Republicans. Tell me why all republicans are evil, hateful, environment killing d-bags. I’m a republican, and I don’t want to get oil from nature reserves and the arctic. I’m probably going to use plasma as a super-conducter for electricity, and use that as fuel/energy. You’ll probably read about me in the newspapers as the next Steven Hawkings, or the next Einstein. But until then, let’s just be a whole bunch of prejudiced jerks.