So Sue Me #3

WOW!  It’s a good job we didn’t have five panels for this one.

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  1. Elfguy

    Poor Disney Princessette…hanging around with the evil muppet is going to totally deflower her, mentally at least…

  2. Baughbe

    It’s because he eats a lot quickly, right?

  3. Revok

    Was I the only one who thought “the character from the X-files?” ?

  4. Schrödingers Katze

    Hmm, Kermit the frog? Or a male hooker? Kermit the frog as a hooker?

    My mind is melting!!! >x<

  5. Ozimul

    Because he’s a giraffe.

  6. Golux

    Ummm, yeah, we’ll go with that…

  7. jjmblue7

    He’s a competitive eater…………..right?

  8. Elihion

    I’m sorry.. melt down.. this just shows the
    disparity between them, no matter how
    much they think they have in common… :)