So Sue Me #8

Addy is clearly a Big Picture planner.  Details are someone else’s department.

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  1. Baughbe

    With Addy’s comment, I am left wondering about the trail of destruction and missing persons behind them…

  2. Ozimul

    Try knocking!

  3. Dale

    In fairness, this strip pretty accurately represents the way Courtney and I work.

    One of us is the epic big picture person. The other is the detail orient one who focuses on how to actually make that insanely enormous idea work.

    I’ll let you all decide which you think is which.

  4. Startiger

    LOL that ones easy Dale = epic big picture
    Courtney = detail oriented

  5. Dale

    Have you been stalking us, Startiger?

  6. mask7777

    @Dale nope I can tell to your the big picture person so you spin a idea which leaves you time to post. Courtney spends time with details ergo no time to post.

  7. Dale

    @mask7777…. That sounds too plausible to be anything but correct.