So Sue Me #9

HUZZAR for the U.S. Legal System and Lawyers!  They might just have saved the world.

I know.

It seems staggeringly unlikely.

And wrong.  Just…. WRONG!

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  1. Baughbe

    (State of Shock) That’s…that’s…so evilly brilliant.

  2. Elfguy

    Oh Dear. Our poor Disney Princess is sliding down the slippery slope…

  3. Jeroen

    Likely there’s a loophole, there allways is…

  4. argentlupus

    Oh my… our lovely angel girl is going to the darkside.

  5. Mooharpist

    So is the other guy at the National Weather Center. My husband who works there has seen a few guys who think they are weather gods. As for weather imps, that would explain Oklhoma weather.

  6. Dannysmartful

    My attorney always said, read every paragraph and initial next to it when you are 100% sure you understand it.

  7. Dale

    @Dannysmartful – That’s because they charge by the hour and make everyone so paranoid it takes days to read those things.

  8. J.P.

    0_0 That’s deviously brilliant. XD