Hobbitses #7

It’s been observed that possibly Pain should try out for the job of Greed.  Lemme explain why he’s fine just the way he is.  You ever have one of those really awesome Christmas or Thanksgiving meals? The one where EVERYTHING tastes fantastic? Where you know you shouldn’t really have that second helping of mashed potatoes and probably the third turkey drumstick was a mistake…. but MAN it tastes so good!

And how you feel after?

When the indigestion kicks in?

And the bloating?

That’s why our rotund red ravager eats the way he does.

If that explanation left you reaching for the antacids, take a moment and head over to the new bonus comic below.

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Discussion (3) ¬

  1. Ozimul

    Gluttony would probably suit him better than Greed. But I like Pain the way he is.

  2. Master Brony

    Who DEOSNT love a little Pain now and again? =P

  3. Peck Tidwell

    Wait…where do I get a mutant Christmas turkey that has at least three drumsticks? PECK WANT!!!