Hobbitses #12

I guess we can be thankful for small mercies.

And it goes without saying, that if we have readers down in the land of Kiwi, you guys are all safe and back on an even keel after that earthquake.

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  1. Estelle

    Thanks for the heads up to how close to utter mayhem us Kiwi’s came ^_^

  2. Elihion

    Hmm… I suppose thier contributions could have been considered aftereffects…

    Pain – Trapped gas released from deep underground.
    Tears – Widespread flooding.

    But Al… now he’s got me stumped…



  3. Snowgods

    @Elihion Well, there Was a smell of raw sewerage, probably lucky Pain didn’t add to that

    and Thanks Courtney, Should be back in the fixed house in a couple of weeks, although there are plenty of people still waiting

  4. globalvillain

    When I was in Aukland they told me it was built over volcanically active land and that every three thousand years or so the whole thing just blew, I asked how long since the last time, they said, just on three thousand years.

  5. Snowgods

    Yep Auckland’s due to pop, and to think we can’t get insurance here in Christchurch, after a measly few earthquakes…