The Way Out #6

OK, it might be grim and relentless…. but you can’t question her commitment.

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  1. Master Brony

    -insert rope based joke here-

  2. Klaa

    Vaguely recal some old 1800s hangman making a comment about hemp rope working real well; though, I probably recal it wrong.

  3. davids4250

    Everybody should be committed to something, and it seems these two definitely should be committed.

  4. Baughbe

    The way this is going, I can’t wait to see the 7th of the 9.

  5. justalurkr

    I had to look Ixtab up, and (blink) Rope Woman? Um, okay. I Am Culturally Diverse, oh yes.

  6. Plaid Wolf

    Is he being invited to a necktie party? Guess we will find out if he is a real swinger! If he doesnt mind hanging around…

  7. Revok

    @Plaid Wolf
    Excuse me sir we are the Pun Police, please step away from the key board and come with us.

  8. Charlie Spencer

    Panel three looks like he’s already been ‘dropped’.

  9. Startiger

    seeing as he is immortal………..

  10. Moku

    Aw, Zippy looks so sad in the first panel.

  11. Eeep!

    I really, really should not want to snuggle someone who so desperately wants to destroy the world, but that first panel = epic wibble!

  12. Joe

    “Hello, this is the suicide hotline”
    “Yes, I was just wondering, do you loop the rope four or five times?”
    “You’re going to want to loop it five times for the best results, four will work, but it might come undone”
    “Okay, thanks” *click*