The Way Out #10

Yeah, she took a hit last week, but like the professional she is, she’s back in the game!

You however can just click the link below and get yerself a NEW Bonus Comic…. and it still has the New Comic Smell too!  (I know, you thought that was Court… he DOES have a prescription and we’re assured it will all clear up soon.*)

*Yeah, that’s right, it says Court posts these strips, but I still work the words here.  BWAH-HA-HA-HA-HA-HAR!

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  1. Eeep!

    C’mon lady, all he wants is to get his apocalypse on! I guarantee there’ll be people lining up for your services if he gets his way! A lot of people are gonna wanna choose how they snuff it if there really is no hope for survival.

  2. guzy

    =P love this comic heh ben reading it non stop untill well the stop… anyway is a awsome comic and i feel sorry for the little guy all his friends abanden him i hope he get what he wants..and yet not XD

  3. Plaid Wolf

    A possibly shocking conclusion to this mini-arc….

  4. AstroTurtle

    Ya gotta admire her dedication to her job, really.

  5. Court

    @Guzy: Hey really glad you’re enjoying the strip, and that we haven’t run you off. Yet! 😀

    @AstroTurtle: I couldn’t agree more.

  6. Dena

    Eeep! – true, but then look at the other side of it.
    With the apocalypse, and everyone dead, her job becomes superfluous. Which mortals would she talk to about suicide?

    Kind of like a farmer with cattle. You don’t kill ALL the cattle – you keep enough alive to raise the next generation of yummy, tasty meat.

  7. Elihion

    No, no, no… She needs to offer him the ‘organic’ package…

    Bath + 2 electric eels.

    It’s the only way to beat that Summer girl, trust me.