The Way Out #11

She does it ‘cos she cares. Like an ancient Mayan version of Oprah…. but more deadly.

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  1. jonwaynew

    She’s pretty sharp, you know!

  2. MECHHavik

    I think you all should do versions of all the imps and old mayan gods that you’ve done so far as people see them. I love that every strip is done with them as they really are, but I’m really kinda curious as to what they look like, y’know to normal people. >:)

  3. Baughbe

    A real slice of life.

  4. Will Hays

    A real cut above the rest (wrist)!

  5. Master Brony

    I her mind is focused on the cutting edge of suicide!

  6. Moku

    I love how she genuinely wants to help him end it all.

  7. Charlie Spencer

    More deadly than Oprah? Having to watch Oprah would send me running for her help.

  8. Lazarae

    It may be just me, but I think she notices that he’s rapidly approaching the end of his… er… rope (pun unintended but applicable) and knows that giving him supplies would help his final decision. That being suicide, of course.

    That’s I-haven’t-had-my-coffee-yet for “She’s smarter than she lets on.”

  9. Ragedoll

    what a great friend!