Love Is In The Air #1

We’re back with the Imps and it looks like someone is possibly feeling a little lovelorn.

What’s the worst that could happen?

And while you ponder that, shoot over and look at the latest bonus comic. TMDIM!*

*Thank Mr. D. It’s Monday!

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  1. Moku

    Almost thought they were going to end up being naked dude pictures. glad I was wrong. lol

  2. Court

    @Moku: I too am glad you were wrong. Lol!

  3. Elfguy

    I wonder if that dating website will match him up with the Disney princess angel?

  4. MothyArse

    Alisdair seems to be the most human of the imps.

    Also, unless the have retractable… *ahem* /parts/, I’m not sure what purpose “naked lady pictures” would serve for them xD

  5. Pantera

    Ooooo! would be cute if he was hooked up with the “BIG GUY”‘s wife’s li’ cute angel!!! ;D GO AL!!!! heheeheehe!