Love Is In The Air #3

This is possibly the stupidest thing Alisdair has ever said to Pain and Tears.

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  1. Zarvain

    Asking those two that…he’s just trying to make a few lonely peoples lives a bit more hell on earth, (may wind up not so much a pun) isn’t he?
    Though considering he is the imp of misfortune, maybe they should just break out the popcorn and watch.

  2. Moku

    Well heck, Pain and Tears are big parts of relationships that go bad.

  3. Baughbe

    I do believe you hit the nail on the head Moku. As for this being the stupidest thing Alisair has said to Pain and Tears, I’d say it’s the stupidest thing he has said…yet. The day is still young…

  4. jonwaynew

    I wouldn’t be surpised if Alisdair was setting them up for a good gag.
    On the other hand…
    This coming from the imp that clearly takes advantage of these “special” moments and very percepitively intrudes on one’s space at the most opportune/misopportune (depends on your POV) moment.

  5. jonwaynew

    Whoops. Meant to finish by saying, He’s done everything to deserve a little payback.

  6. LazarCotoron

    But they do realize that Alisdair IS Misfortune, right? I mean, I get their excitement and all, and he’s obviously set HIMSELF up for disappointment, but… bad things happen to people messing with Alisdair.

    I’m just throwing it out here, I’ve seen this movie before. ;p

  7. Elfguy

    Well if he wants them to give advice, he clearly plans to do the opposite of what they suggest. Alistair is no fool.

  8. LazarCotoron

    He’s a green, of course. Greens are so much better than blues, reds, and ESPECIALLY oranges.

  9. LunarKnight

    I want that last panel as a T-shirt with a witty caption about the presidential debates

  10. Bobbin

    This is just painfully hilarious.

  11. J.P.

    The sad thing is that he actually thinks that’ll work. I concur,THE dumbest thing Alisdair has said to these two.