Love Is In The Air #4

Possibly Alisdair is sporting the latest fashion line from the House of Keller.

Helen Keller.

For something a little more tasteful…. OK, probably not…. check out a factory fresh bonus comic too!

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Discussion (11) ¬

  1. Moku

    Well, it doesn’t look too baaaa- ok I’m lying. It looks bad. :-S

  2. MothMask

    Uh oh. I don’t think this will go well.
    Waitaminute. Why would I have ever thought it would? xD

    At any rate, allow me to throw in a preemptive “Poor Al :'(” We all know it’s coming.

  3. Aletheya

    My eyes are burning! They are burning!

  4. Baughbe

    No no NO! Alisdair, you should wear a poka-dot tie with a striped suit.

  5. jonwaynew

    He looks like the bell-hop or one of the servers.

  6. Wizard

    I’m not eating anyplace they make the servers dress like that!

  7. Elfguy

    @Wizard: Or where the dress code is lax enough to allow anyone in when dressed like that.

  8. J.P.

    Even as a guy that knows as little of the fashion world as I do,you shouldn’t gout in public dressed like that. Come on,dude! Get rid of the bowtie!

  9. Eeep!

    Wooooooooooooooooooooooooow……….. that’s…. yeah…. let you know when I found words for that color/pattern combo. Please don’t hold any required bodily functions waiting though.

    On a positive note, I rather like the symmetry between the tie and his ears. The tie is admittedly obnoxiously large, but the angle matches the cut of his ears perfectly.

  10. knightmare

    oh my wow… i… i went colorblind when i saw that… suit, he chose to wear. let us hope that if any girl dates al they know something about fasion.

  11. Ozimul

    He’s trying, dammit. ;-;