Love Is In The Air #5

WHOA! Didn’t see THAT coming!

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  1. Moku

    I wonder what their matching interests were.

  2. Klaa

    I was half expecting an angel… and I was half right so far XD

  3. Baughbe

    Proud of you Alisdair, You actually managed to form coherent words and almost got them in the right order.

    Why do I hear Spanish Guitar in the background?

  4. Charlie Spencer

    To paraphrase a line recently used in Spinnerette, I’m gonna ‘go all Tex Avery’ over her.

  5. Ozimul

    And she didn’t run away because of the outfit! KEEP HER.

  6. argentlupus

    I have a feeling she is a bit more than she appears.

  7. kirara

    place yer bets 2 to 1 says she’s an angel 5 to 1 says shes a demon in disguise

  8. Ragedoll

    I love his little tie! :)