Love Is In The Air #6

Oh we jest, but seriously folks, Courtney LOVES that sandwich combo.

Someone…. please…. save…. me!

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  1. Kheda

    I’d have thought that with Pain around, Alisdair would be used to all sort of noxious fumes by now…

  2. Baughbe

    Limberger cheese with onion on garlic bread: The combo someone I knew had just eaten before they got pulled by a cop who wanted to smell their breath to see if they had been drinking…..

  3. Ozimul

    It looks like Pain and Tears may not need to interfere after all, if this is an indicator for the way the rest of the evening will go…

  4. Elfguy

    Alistair’s lucky…he doesn’t have a nose. Guess the odor is so strong he can actulally taste it, though.

  5. Zarvain

    @Elfguy And burn, look at his eyes, ti sears it burns! Though where he last called home you’d think he’d be more use to that as well…

  6. Critic

    Perphaps this is tears soul mate not misfortunes.

  7. Moku

    That’s one way to break the ice. I’m surprised that she doesn’t seem to care that he is a short little green demon in a ridiculous suit.

  8. Dannysmartful

    A great conversation starter…I gotta remember that one. :)

  9. Ragedoll

    how misfortunate haha

  10. J.P.

    Huh,boy….Always a catch,isn’t there? Get the gas mask!