Love Is In The Air #7

There’s a restaurant somewhere missing a menu.

If you’re looking for that restaurant, I suggest looking here….

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  1. Court

    If Alisdair does sit in the basket, don’t expect for him to make the bike fly.

  2. Moku

    I wasn’t expecting that kind of biker chick. XD You guys are great!

  3. Baughbe

    A Silver Cougar! You don’t want to cross those biker chicks. Better do everything she says Alisdair.

  4. jonwaynew


  5. Dale

    I’d been watching the English version of “Sons of Anarchy” when I wrote this…. you might have seen it, “Daughters of Downton Abbey.”

  6. Dannysmartful

    Love how they’re still hiding behind the Menu (LOL)

  7. Ozimul

    He’s gonna pass up the basket ride, isn’t he… : (