Love Is In The Air #9

Just go with the EEEW! reaction and don’t think about it.

Seriously…. we are NOT paying for your therapy.

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  1. Snowgods

    hey if those two hit it off, whose side would the kids be on?

  2. jonwaynew

    Snowgods: The Farr Side!

  3. jonwaynew

    or better yet… the Phurr Side

  4. Baughbe

    So many questions I do NOT want answered. Seriously.

  5. Court

    @Baughbe: It’s not so bad knowing the answers. The Asylum provides me happy pills everyday to see to it. :)

  6. MothMask

    Am I along in thinking they would make a kinda cute couple (even though I know that’s ridiculous and would not actually happen)?

  7. Jason Thorn

    I’m more interested in a dating website angels use.

    I hope Isobelle’s still single…

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