Love Is In The Air #10

Clearly they didn’t think this plan through.

In fairness, that they had even part of a plan is a bonus.

Rather than try to finish that plan for them, swing over and look at the new bonus comic here….

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  1. Snowgods

    Tears should help him. Tears would be good at cheering people up…
    Oh now wait a second … no he not.

  2. Baughbe

    Well you’re green, short, accident prone……

    Concentrate on the fact you have a job. Wait, they’ll ask how much you get paid….

    You’re green, short and accident prone. Go with that.

  3. Ozimul

    You’re good with children? Sometimes?
    How about the fact that you have, you know, some demonic powers?
    Hell could be considered exotic. You’re exotic, Al!

  4. fox1303

    well, Alisdair is the most date-able out of all of them… so that’s one example? =D

  5. Mischief imp

    You’r fun to hang around, funny in general, a really cool go with the flow kind of guy… wait, is he going for humans? oh I thought …never mind.

  6. Ragedoll

    Awe Good for pain for trying?

  7. J.P.

    Give the guy credit,Al,at least he’s trying. XD