It’s The End Of The World As We Know It: Part 1 #5

Y’know…. it IS a delivered meal…. be kinda foolish to walk away from that, right?


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  1. Baughbe

    Hey Mike, Table four’s order is one plate of rats and one plate of ratatouille. Yeah I know, weird. Who eats vegetables nowadays?

  2. Charlie Spencer

    C.M.O.T. Dibbler’s rat on a stick and sausages on a bun!

  3. Elihion

    There are countries in the world where rat is considered quite acceptable…

    And think on this… all those post apocalyptic films etc… You think the
    mystery meat is chicken? To quote from (I think) one of the Mad Max films…

    ‘It’s my snake, I found it, I’m gonna eat it.’

    Bon appetite.


  4. AKADivya

    Actually, as someone who supplied rats to people who owned snakes….that snake is far, far too big to eat rats. They’d feed that big buy rabbits. Big, fluffy, innocent rabbits. Other than this minor nitpick, I LOVE this webcomic. I laugh so often when I read this webcomic. Keep up the great work :3

  5. Ozimul

    Perhaps they are Rodents of Unusual Size?

  6. Zarel

    >_> I want to say that unusual size would be interesting….but I’m from Texas and we have rats the size of cats, all you have to do is find a pile of garbage big enough…