It’s The End Of The World As We Know It: Part 1 #9

Courtney will kiss, on the mouth, anyone who a) orders Addy’s drink from Starbucks; and b) actually drinks it all.

He will insist that you brush your teeth BEFORE the kissing part of the program, as we’re all pretty sure whoever does the above will definitely hurl, and it’s no fun kissing vomit-breath.

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  1. LunarKnight

    I. will. drink. that.

    Do i need evidence I drank it in order to be the recipient of that kiss?

  2. Tonka

    I actually know someone who orders something similar. When she shows up her order is used as a test for the newbie barrista. Love to 1/2 half and half 1/2 part of the order. A nicebit of subtle funny.

  3. Ozimul

    Ewww, Splenda?!

  4. DktrAgonizer

    I have a feeling the baristas would punch you in the face if you tried ordering that.

  5. Goof

    Bah, transgender names!

  6. Dale

    PFFT! Yeah! Transgender names…. fortunately me and Tracy are….




  7. Mischief imp


  8. Wizard

    Um, “drink”? After 27 pumps of caramel, I’m thinking you’d have about thirty seconds before it set up into a solid mass that could only be removed from the cup with a spoon. Or possibly a chisel.