It’s The End Of The World As We Know It: Part 2 #6

For all of you out there who were wondering what Alisdair has been doing…. he was playing to his strengths.

The Imps make their final guest appearance over at Cemetery Street today… assuming they can scrape together enough money over there to make them go home again.

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  1. Moku

    Work smarter, not harder!
    I actually had banana peels in mind but that would have been a bit too cheesy. Lol

  2. khamya9

    I can’t help but notice they’re not helping either.

  3. Baughbe

    Oh wow, they built those things awfully tall… Thats a long flight of stairs.

  4. Mokiefraggle001

    Moku, I imagine that the banana peels have been carefully spread along the rest of the steps, after the roller skates. And Pain should’ve thought to add shards of glass saturated in lemon juice and salt to the foot of the steps to capitalize on it…but he’s not the sort to think ahead like that.

  5. Mischief imp

    I still think Ixtab had the right idea. just saying. If none of his friends wanted to help him end the world, he could have at least ended his, right?

  6. J.P.

    Oh,I don’t know,maybe….fire bend?!