It’s The End Of The World As We Know It: Part 2 #8

How bad are Mrs. D and Mrs. G if staying and dying is the more attractive option?

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  1. Ozimul

    Just get Pain some spicy food to send them on a dimension hopping trip until the 21st passes…
    … or go get some of Ix’s brownies and toss ’em in his mouth. Either will work!

  2. davids4250

    How bad are the two Mrs? Well, both Mr.G and Mr. D walk very carefully around them.

  3. Jeroen

    I assume they are no better or worse than any evil overlord, and there are many, many things out there much worse than death.

  4. Baughbe

    Wow, good decison making ability in the Imps? Who knew?

  5. Wizard

    Oh, the Imps always make the right decision. You know, just as soon as they’ve exhausted every other option.

  6. Charlie Spencer

    Ozimul, why choose? Go for both!

  7. DktrAgonizer

    Okay, Addy clinging to Isobelle in fear is just way too adorable.