It’s The End Of The World As We Know It: Part 2 #9


It looks like they failed!

Well, it’s been great sharing this comic strip with you all.

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  1. Melkior

    Next comic. The Mayan says “That’s better. I’m afraid of the dark, and it makes the place so much more cheerful with the lights on, don’t you think?” (beat) “Why? What did you think I was doing?”

    The Mayan casts Eternal Flame. It’s super-effective.

  2. Neko_Goji

    Aww the imps and angel are hugging!

  3. Moku

    I’m gonna cry. ;___;

  4. Kheda

    “Klik!” ?

    What goes Klik! at the end of the world. Ok, who’s got the iphone?

  5. Ghrey

    Roller Skate no doubt.

  6. Bismarck

    Just dropped buy the planet to see if you guys are still around. looks like you guys have a little time left. Lets see if your here Saturday.


    what no angel power?

  8. Comichero

    oh but it did work look at the imp and angel emrassing lovingly it’s the end allright

  9. jjmblue7

    Woo, back with a new computer and just read up on what I missed!

    Sure the world ends but just for everywhere it’s still 12/21/2012 in the comic right? So maybe the world only ends for Hawaii or something…

  10. Piggichoo

    Tears looks cute, huddled up in pannel 2 …