It’s The End Of The World As We Know It: Part 2 #11

Well you KNOW if the Mayans had been working on an Apple OS, none of this fuss would have even been issue!

And…. 5…. 4…. 3….. 2….. 1….. Cue the Windows-lovin’-Apple-hatin’.

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  1. Magitech

    I’d hate, but I just love this comic too much to turn into a Hater.

  2. Kheda

    Mmm, apples. Good in pies :)

  3. Klaaism

    Nah I think we were like on MSDOS 1.1 or something back then…

  4. Hydrogenium

    Wow, i have fully functional and stable ZX Spectrum (after some repairs) – 30 years old computer, but i cannot believe that some computer can works whole Baktun, definitelly not whole Piktun.

  5. Golux

    I say Android, you say Apple, but we’re both glad he could turn the old thing on to the next page.

  6. Ngerfle

    Awww, c’mon, we don’t have to love Windows (ugh) or hate Apple to make fun of ’em, do we? If the Mayans had been using iOS devices, they’d have been too busy tweeting each other about their trendy new sandals, exchanging llamaface pictures and of course getting lost to ever design a calendar. Apple saves us again! (Turns toward Cupertino, genuflecting)

  7. Fayt

    I’d hate, but I feel more pity for Apple users than hate.

  8. Wiki

    I don’t so much hate macs as I hate the “Macophiles”, which I have three of in my family. My mother constantly teases me, my aunt insults me and calls me stupid, and my uncle shuns and refuses to speak to me because I just prefer Windows more. (Can’t hate macs, I do have an iPod Touch. XD)

    I’ll admit Macs are better, and definitely the more capable out of the two OS I know to handle the Mayan calendar. XD

    But OS preference aside, even if I did hate Macs, how could I hate this page? It’s hilarious, true, and great! I love how this turned out, it was a funny take on the whole “doomsday” thing. Not to mention how cute he was little, and AWESOME he was when huge. XD What was his inspiration, if I may ask? (I managed to find most of the others by fluke when looking at a wikipedia page and went “OH! They were based on actual mayan deities!” Goes to show how much I know about the Mayan.)

  9. Dale

    @Wiki – ALL the Mayan characters are based on real Mayan deities and the like. In some cases, we looked at research and went with what appeared there; in others, we took the vibe of the mythology and just fit it to what we thought was funniest. THE MAYAN I couldn’t find a lot to describe him, so Tracy just did her thing. If you like the way that dude looks, it’s ALL Tracy.

  10. Zehryo

    Ok, I love this comic, but I have to say it: someone totally screwed the angel’s eyes, in the last frame!!! >.<

  11. nealberk

    Bravo, bravo. Well done. Only one small question. You probably did the comic several days in advance. Did you have an alternate one drawn in case the world did end?

  12. Dale

    @nealberk – Actually this was written almost a year ahead. That said, we only loaded up strips to the 21st December…. while we were confident we’d need more comics, we were still edging our bets.

  13. Wolfwalker527

    Forget Apple & Windows, both. OS/2 all the way, baby. 8-p