Imaginary Friends #4


Have the Imps finally met their match?

And honestly, I don’t care about the how, I actually do wanna know WHY the Imps would put Lego blocks in underwear.

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  1. Mord_Sith

    I’ll bet they’re just trying to build them up!

  2. Charlie Spencer

    Because Luci doesn’t have a chemistry set?

  3. khamya9

    I dunno, to me the why would be obvious as it’s something all three can agree on. It’s misfortune to put on those underwear, it’s painful, and in a sensitive enough spot you’ll probably cry especially if you put them on in a hurry.

    Legos are small, hard, and have sharp corners. Yeoouch.

  4. mattykins1

    if standing on a lego block is excruciating, what would it be like sitting on one? never tried but i’m pretty sure its not fun.

  5. Ozimul

    I think the speech bubbles are pointing at the wrong angels.
    It’s just, the words really don’t match up with their expressions unless you switch them around.