Imaginary Friends #5


Oh dear…

This looks bad.

Very bad.

Someone pop us some corn… we should probably get comfortable.
PLUS…a new bonus strip on Facebook.

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  1. Huh?


  2. argentlupus

    Dimmer switch…Why didn’t the other two use it? Makes it less noticeable to the three….

  3. lefty891

    Aaaargh! The suspense!

  4. Scrysis

    Wait! Why is Iago on Team G? Is he really on Team G? I mean, he looks like a perfect character for Team D — is name is Iago, and he has a mustache and a goatee, and his glow is hooked to a switch (maybe it’s not even real?). Those things SCREAM “fishy”.

  5. Golux

    Iago??? Don’t think that’s a dimmer switch, but a generator…

  6. Bacardii

    You can never really trust anyone from ‘Corporate’.

  7. J.P.

    Of course he’s an Angel….