Imaginary Friends #6

Y’know, when you think about it, the Imps DO make a couple of very good points.

And when that happens, it’s probably time to stop thinking.

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  1. Actua

    LUCY NO!…Don’t hurt her…please don’t hurt her.

  2. Dannysmartful

    So her favorite Disney Princess is Belle? Nice. :)

  3. Elfguy

    Hey, just cause there’s a picture on the wall doesn’t mean it’s the BIGGEST picture…I’m rooting for Malefecent as her favorite Disney lady.

  4. Elfguy

    When luci and the imps are done with the psychologist, he’ll be too busy typing up his resignation to do much of anything else…

  5. Elihion

    I rather think he’ll be either eating his resignation, and grinning idiotically/drooling/cackling madly
    or… trying to extract his resignation from his posterior… that’s more likely if Pain gets there before the other two, though.


  6. Melkior

    I love how Luci wears different clothes instead of sticking with a single stock-standard outfit like too many other cartoon characters.

    It’s strange how so many people think that psychology is a science. It has a lot more in common with astrology (in which I have absolutely no confidence whatsoever and a profound feeling of contempt for the intelligence of anyone who gives it any credence whatsoever).

    Really, you’d get at least as good results out of psychology if you just put all the “treatments” on pieces of paper and picked one completely at random. The same way you can pick any horoscope for any star sign for any time and it will apply equally well to everyone.

    “I’ve been into hundreds (of fortune teller’s parlours) and been told thousands of things, but none of them ever told me that I was a cop, getting ready to arrest them for fraud” – former fraud squad cop.

  7. Eeep!

    Okay normally I try to be funny when I comment here, but clearly there are some misunderstandings about the purpose and practice of psychology, and they are potentially damaging.

    1) Psychology is a science, but it is a social science, which means it proceeds quite differently than any of your natural sciences. Even if you could engineer lab experiments for a population in the same strict manner one does for physics or chemistry or even biology, they would likely be unethical.

    2) As sciences go, it’s still in its infancy, there is a LOT more to learn. Anyone who tells you it’s been perfected is selling something.

    3) There are MANY schools of thought in psychology, and not all are created equal, and not all are designed to do the same thing. But many are not taught that other approaches exist, usually one school embraces one methodology/philosophy, and that’s all it will teach.

  8. Eeep!

    4) From point 3…. If you see the wrong type of psychologist for a particular problem, you’re not going to get the help you need. Just as in traditional medicine, if you go to a podiatrist for a heart condition, don’t expect to get the correct treatment. Same thing here.

    5) Not everyone is cut out to be a good therapist. There are many who practice who should not. It’s a sad fact, but it’s true. Some do bad work intentionally, to set up a dependency scenario, ensuring an income stream, but even the best intentioned therapists can make a mess of things. Like anything else, if it feels more harmful than helpful, get out.

    6) When the right people are working together, then therapy can be very helpful, IF both parties are more concerned about finding solutions than they are about asserting and protecting their own egos. Sadly, this is not often the case.

  9. Eeep!

    7) Realism needs to be maintained about what the therapist can and cannot do and in what time frame. Nobody’s issues appeared overnight, and not even the world’s most skilled and knowledgeable psychologist can make them go away in a session or two. In fact, the therapist isn’t there to make anything “go away.” They are not magicians. They are there to help you find coping strategies and other, more healthy ways of thinking about things. This will look a little different for everyone and not everything will be a smashing success or even work at all– even a truly good therapist will make mistakes from time to time. But when a new perspective or coping technique does prove effective, it is still up to the client to USE it continually.

  10. Eeep!

    Finally: It’s a difficult and constantly shifting profession, and one that I have respect for because it has helped me, and my friends, and some are even in the field. If anyone has had bad experiences, I’m sorry for that, but urge you not to judge the entire population of psychologists, their ilk, and their academic domain on that basis alone. Just like regular medicine, it’s not perfect, but it can and does help people.